• Goracash now has more than 2500 affiliated partners.
  • Membership to Bienvenue-voyance.com is payable by credit card.
  • "Daily deals" are white-label product incentives offered to customers that allow our affiliates to establish client loyalty, guaranteeing repeat customers.
  • Goracash.com is increasing its numerous lines of interactive communication by offering psychic advice by phone (with surcharges established for calls.)
  • Preditavi.com is now online, the first white-label product specialising in divinatory arts.
  • Goracash.com, launched by Newgora®, is a psychic network participating in affiliate marketing.

What we do: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a resourceful way for companies and professionals to generate traffic on the internet.

Affiliates like webmasters, search engine optimizers, search engine marketing experts, advertising agencies, and online producers align themselves with companies that specialize in maximizing traffic and attracting a desired demographic.

As such, the affiliate advertises on the company's website, receiving a commission (sometimes up to 50%!) on all of the actual sales that take place on the website. The process runs smoothly and is very secure, and many sectors use affiliate marketing to grow their business on the internet, even psychic networks!

A rich market, handled with discretion

The global annual figure for psychics and spiritualism in general is valued at more than 3 billion euros, meaning about 15 million consultations a year! The Internet is perfectly suited to develop this kind of business. With Goracash® you can access this particular market in a capacity that will allow you to provide your clients with valuable information and secure services.

The Goracash® websites all link to a rigorous chart of personal ethics that exists to clearly and definitively inform the clients, partners, and affiliates of the objective of the service.

As such, questions related to health and occultic practices cannot be addressed.
The objective of the site is clear: The intention of the offered services is to entertain;
taking a playful, lighthearted approach to the divinatory arts.

All questions will be handled in a most careful and circumspect manner.

Increasing clientele

Most of the services offered by Goracash® are white-label products, conveniently
enabling them to integrate into affiliates' websites.

Banners, advanced programs, hyperlinks, inline frames, RSS/XML feeds, dhtml
scripts: the affiliates have a multitude of effective and proven tools to attract the
greatest number of satisfied clients.

Exceptional ability and experience

Thanks to its considerable experience in the field of affiliate marketing and its vast
network of active affiliates, Newgora® can envision, develop, launch,
and maintain new channels of affiliate marketing for any sector dealing with
online entertainment.